What Training Does an Electrician Need?

Lots of people wonder how electricians get their training. In short, the main difference between a certified and licensed electrician near me in Midland TX is the method of training.

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A person who becomes electrician through an apprenticeship program, which usually lasts for five years, can be designated as either a certified or a licensed electrician depending on whether he has passed the examination administered by the state board of examiners. The apprenticeship is not a school, and it does not provide classroom training. Instead, apprentices work for experienced electricians under the guidance of an established master who teaches them “the ropes.” At the end of each year spent with their masters, they take tests to measure their progress.

After completing his apprenticeship, a certified electrician can earn licensing by taking an examination, either through a written test or a practical exam in which the applicant must prove he can do electrical work.

A licensed electrician who has passed an exam may either be designated as a journeyman or master electrician, depending on the state where he holds his license. The title “journeyman” is frequently used by both certified and licensed electricians. The federal government sets minimum standards for the training of all electricians who are employed on federally funded construction projects. The states can impose stricter standards.

Apprenticeship is one way that people can learn their trade without attending school, but it requires an employer to provide on-the-job training as well as a sponsor chosen by the apprentice who acts as his supervisor.

As you can see, there are a lot of things electricians need to do in order to be able to assist you in your home or business electrical needs. Find a licensed electrician and you’ll get the best results possible for your investment.